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Mr Tony R.

As a result of a work related lower back injury I was in constant chronic pain and my life was a misery. When I first visited Dr Craig Armstrong at Life Line Chiropractic I was hunched over, taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory and the drive to my appointments were difficult. I had tried many other methods of treatment and pain management all to no avail. Craig understood my pain issues as well as the para-medico issues that were causing me huge amounts of stress. Craigs approach of support as well as gentle treatment soon had me on the road to recovery. I now have a management program and am now relatively pain free.

Thankyou Craig Ė you turned my life around.

Mrs P. S.

I first came to see Craig Armstrong at Lifeline Chiropractic in January 1989. At that stage I was suffering severe low back pain and had experienced migraine headaches for some time. After two months of constant care, I was feeling much better and was put on a maintenance program which I have stuck to since. In that time I have always felt the benefit of regular chiropractic care and have referred lots of family and friends to Craig, knowing he will take care of them.

Mrs P. R.

Thank you for the excellent treatment I have received over the years. When I first came to you over eight years ago I had a lot of back problems and chronic bronchitis, causing many a night of lost sleep to myself and the family. My health has so improved, that I now help out at a creche, twice a week and do all of my own shopping and housework. All this I know is owed to my fortnightly chiropractic care.

Mr J.F.

My wife and I have attended Lifeline Chiropractic for nearly 10 years. We have both had surgery to our spines and without the very professional attention of this practice I am convinced that we would both be invalids. We both believe that you canít do better than to put yourselves in the care of Craig at Lifeline Chiropractic.

Ms M. F.

Quite a few months ago I was suffering from a frozen shoulder and couldnít lift my arms and do anything. I was immobilised so I had to seek treatment. Being new to the area, I didnít know anybody and people told me to go to Craig Armstrong the local Chiropractor and I have never regretted it. He helped me to regain control again after having acupuncture, physiotherapy and treatment.

Thank you Craig for a job well done. I now go just for maintenance to keep me in trim.

Mr & Mrs N. C.

It is not very often in these fast moving days that one comes across such an enthusiastically dedicated professional as yourself. As my wife & I have been visiting you for some five years now I thought it was time enough to let you know how much your tireless efforts are appreciated. It is always so pleasing to attend your clinic aside from the pain we may be experiencing whilst awaiting our much needed adjustments from the welcome greeting at the front desk where nothing is every too much trouble for yourself or your staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for treating us always as individuals and for taking the necessary time to discuss our concerns and queries as well as relieving the pain and discomfort that usually accompanies us on arrival but is always one thousand percent better after your skilful adjustment and treatments.

We look forward to a continued association with yourself and your clinic for many years to come.

Ms D. C.

In 1980 I had a tumor in the head removed and the skull and some neck muscles were cut. I also had some surgery to my leg and by 1985 I felt Iíd soon need a wheelchair. I saw Craig in 1985 and found his clever but gentle treatment helped a lot. Over the years the chronic pain in the neck and the lower back has almost gone. I still go every four weeks to have small problems look after before they become big ones again. His gentle treatment has changed my life, and helps keep me healthy.

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Dr Craig Armstrong B.App.Sc

( Chiro )

Life Line Chiropractic
1 Swinstone Street
Rockingham 6168
Western Australia

Phone: 9592 1878

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