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Back Pain Treatment Rockingham

Dr Craig Armstrong has been offering back pain treatment in Rockingham for many years. His clinic, Life Line Chiropractic is well respected and attended by loyal clients seeking his professional and friendly services. When recently asked about back pain Craig explained in detail;

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae which are separated by discs that act like shock absorbers. Discs are made of very tough cartilage, with a soft, jelly-like fluid inside. The discs between your vertebrae allow the flexibility of motion in the spine. The discs also allow an exit and entry point for spinal nerves that carry messages to the brain and body.

People often hear about 'slipped discs'. In fact, the discs of the spine are attached to the vertebra, so they don't actually 'slip'. A disc injury can refer to a number of disc problems including;

Disc bulge:
This occurs when the soft material of the disc pushes either forward or backward out of position. This results in swelling and painful pressure to the area.

Disc tear:
A disc tear occurs when a small tear or crack appears in the outer rim of the disc, and can lead to fluid leaking from the disc. This is the most common form of disc injury.

Disc herniation:
A herniation refers to the fluid within the centre of the disc rupturing through the outer fibres, stretching the disc beyond its normal limits.

Disc prolapse:
A condition in which part of the disc tears away and becomes a free-floating fragment.

Disc desiccation:
This occurs when the disc loses its fluid and degenerates and becomes worn down.

Quite often, disc injuries are caused by a build-up of minor damage, rather than a single major incident. These minor episodes include poor posture, poor lifting and bending techniques, or a repetitive action. These episodes can place pressure on the disc that builds up until a small movement, such as standing or bending, sets off painful symptoms.

All of these disc injuries can vary in the type and severity of symptoms. Also varying is the amount of pain and restrictive movement experienced ranging from little or no pain through to quite a debilitating condition. For this reason, it is important to be assessed for the underlying cause of disc pain, to ensure that treatment matches the injury.

Dr Craig Armstrong is having amazing results from his back pain treatment in Rockingham and suggests that anyone suffering any pain whatsoever phone his clinic immediately on 9592 1878 to begin their road to recovery.


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