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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Rockingham

In our ever increasing digital society where we use computer keyboards, computer mouse and hand operated technology such as video games, remote controls and mobile phones, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming increasingly common and is now considered a major reason for time off work and lost productivity. Many companies now claim Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as one of their most disabling and costly medical problems. But what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, how can it be treated, and how can it be prevented?

Dr Craig Armstrong from Life Line Chiropractic understands and treats this potential debilitating condition. Craig said “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in Rockingham is now available offering sufferers relief from the constant pain they have been experiencing.” He added “The carpal tunnel itself is a narrow passage in the wrist comprised of bones and ligaments through which nerves and tendons pass into the hand. He also said that when the wrist is overused, used improperly, or injured, swelling of the tissues in the carpal tunnel compress the nerves and tendons. This causes pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, or other symptoms.

Dr Craig Armstrong says that sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome indicate pain is usually worse at night, and often awakens the sufferer from sleep. The pain can radiate up the arm and to the back of the shoulder. Swelling of the hand is common, and in severe cases, hand weakness may cause difficulty with fine motor tasks, such as fastening a button, or even cause the sufferer to drop objects.

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